Gary & Norma Dulaney at The Get Together Picnic Grounds
Gary is the Vice President and Norma is the Treasurer of Country Friends.
It looks like everyone is having a great time.
Bobby Brandt enjoys playing the drums and the electric bass.
Left to right Tom Adkins, Ashleigh Glass, Tommy Simons,  Arron Glass and
Lee White seated on stage.
The Hank Vincent family enjoying an evening at Country Friends.Pictured are Derek,  Elisha and Hank Vincent.
Lou and Bill Groves are regulars at all the events.
Lou is Country Friends Financial Secretary.
John Fluharty at the mic, Verla Price at the keyboard and Bobby Bryant
is playing bass.  
John is the Team Leader  at The Vineyard Cafe.
They meet each Tuesday from 7 to 10 P.M. at the Vineyard Church in
Wheeling .                                         2/23/2007
Mary Leoni enjoys singing hyms.
taken 2/23/2007
Howdy Grant & Verla Price are familiar faces at Country Friends.
Les Grossman plays guitar and helps with anything that needs done.
Frank Little, Bill & Lou Groves.
Tom Adkins & Verla Price 2/23/07
Les thinks the coffee is great and you cant beat the price,
PappY Wells enjoys singing and playing at Country Friends
Tommy Simons is playing bass.
Howdy seems pleased with his visit to the kitchen. Our ladies are great cooks.
Ruth Elliott and Jack Carson    2/23/07
Oren & Matthew Little 2/23/07
Oren Little & Hank Vincent .   2/23/07
Harley Wise & Mary Leoni .   2/23/07
Archie Campbell attends  regularly and plays harmonica.       2/23/07
Lloyd Latshaw, Patty Latshaw and Bob Toothman  
Herb Harper and Janice Hupka are regulars at Country Friends.
Debbie Lamb and Bob Toothman at The Get Togethers.
Oren Little & daughter Leslee Little
Pictures taken on  3/09/2007
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Left to right Roy Kincaid, Archie Campbell, Hank Vincent, Bobby Bryant & Jay Marsh in background.
Rita Breamer enjoyes reading to the crowd.
Hank Vincent enjoys country & gospel music. In his younger days Hank had his own band and performed
extensivley on the West coast .  
Walter Mankowski
Roland Sutton has been entertaining for years and he still enjoys
jamming with his country friends.
Tom Oiler sang a few country songs.
Jay Marsh has been singing professionally for years. Now he
enjoys jamming with his friends.  
Willey Cunningham at the mic.
How about the ladies at the registration desk?
John Fluharty at the mic.